The American Premier Soccer League is an independent organization of soccer clubs, with the aim of improving, qualifying and publicizing the soccer in the United States. 

The APSL is sanctioned by the Florida State Soccer Association (FSSA) as an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the ruling body for soccer in the United States, and FIFA, the world’s ruling body for soccer.

The official regular season runs from January through September. For the playoffs, the four top seeded teams face each other in the Semifinals and Championship games. The APSL also organizes a Fall Season that runs from September to December.

The APSL is organized in a mostly decentralized structure and is managed as a team-run league. Each year the member clubs help elect a Commissioner, Treasurer and Secretary. Each team is individually owned and operated, and is responsible for maintaining league minimum standards. New teams seeking membership into the APSL are subject to approval from an executive committee of existing team owners. Member clubs have the right to make localized decisions for their respective markets, conferences and regions based on what they believe is best for their particular region.


  • Manageable, local geographic schedule with no national play-off commitment
  • Insurance coverage for club, facility, players, and coaches
  • Inexpensive annual league fees and travel costs
  • Community and Fan Development
  • Grants a spot in the US Open Cup