American Premier Soccer League Announces Palm Beach Spartans as Newest Team

Miami, FL — The American Premier Soccer League (APSL) is proud to announce that Palm Beach Spartans have joined the league as new members ahead of the 2018 APSL Summer Championship Season.

“We are very excited about Palm Beach Spartan joining the APSL this season,” says APSL Commissioner, Gabriel Vega. “The Spartans have enjoyed much success in the Gold Coast League the last few years and we hope their success translates to the APSL.”

According to their website, Palm Beach Spartans programs are open to all without regards race, religion, creed or financial status.

“Our goal is to empower and strengthen the young minds and bodies of our minority youth,” says Spartans president and founder, Cheddi Johnson. “We want our players to be seen beyond their individual socioeconomic circumstances and strategically strive towards their dreams and aspirations with relentless conviction.”

The Spartans won the Gold Coast League in 2017, and are in the Finals once again in 2018 after posting a perfect record.

“We are very excited to join the APSL this season,” added Johnson. “Our goal is to come in the league and finish as one of the top four teams.”

The team-based approach to total youth development will address certain key areas of development such as; academic enrichment, character and team building, leadership and teamwork, along with a steady focus on fitness and maintaining healthy lifestyles. These life lessons are geared towards creating a framework to assist our teens to become model citizens of tomorrow, guaranteeing the success of our future generations.

About the APSL:

The American Premier Soccer League is an independent organization of soccer clubs, with the aim of improving, qualifying and publicizing the soccer in the United States.

The APSL is sanctioned by the Florida State Soccer Association (FSSA) as an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the ruling body for soccer in the United States, and FIFA, the world’s ruling body for soccer.

The APSL has two seasons, one from March that runs through August, and another that runs from September to December.

The APSL is organized in a mostly decentralized structure and is managed as a team-run league. Each year the member clubs help elect a Commissioner, Treasurer and Secretary. Each team is individually owned and operated and is responsible for maintaining league minimum standards. New teams seeking membership into the APSL are subject to approval from an executive committee of existing team owners. Member clubs have the right to make localized decisions for their respective markets, conferences and regions based on what they believe is best for their particular region.

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